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At Telme2 we have created a TV streaming concept - a TV Sound Cast System. Not surprisingly – we call it tvSoundCast 

Happy users in more than 65 countries enjoy the consept in their living rooms.

Perhaps you will consider it too?

The illustration gives you an idea of one of the many application of the system.


Please notice the smile on the older persons face. Perhaps caused by the clear stereo sound from the TV?  The young person is also happy. Maybe not because of any great sound. Rather, she can have the TV sound at a normal low level.

Great for both!  Perhaps for you too?

Keep reading to find out…

What is the tvSoundCast concept?

tvSoundCast is composed of two units:  
TosBlue - the Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth BHX headphones.


TosBlue unit

A TosBlue unit is attached to the back edge of your TV. The unit picks up the TV sound via an optical cable, converts it into Bluetooth then transmits it to the BHX Bluetooth headphones.

The TosBlue unit contains no switches and no battery to change. Easy to install. No tools or special skills required. All cables are included in the box.

BHX Headphones

The BHX headphones is specially designed for this application. The headphones are light and easy to use.

The unit has been given a Reddot design award.

Best aptX in both units

The headphones and the TosBlue unit have the best aptX technology included. This means excellent sound and no sound delay.  It is important to obtain good «Lip-Sync».       


Installation is a «snap»

Watch the TosBlue installation animation here:

Easy to use

The BHX headset is easy to pair with the TosBlue unit. And easy to use. Watch the animation here:

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