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tvSoundCast – super TV sound in stereo with no sound delay

If you sit more than 2 meters away from your TV, the wonderful stereo sound is gone! To listen with one ear would be enough, but we have two! With two ears we can hear sound from different directions: sound in stereo.  

The tvSoundCast consists of a small transmitter (TosBlue) that attaches to the top of your TV, and a wireless bluetooth headset (BHX) with individual volume control. With this bundle you can enjoy perfect TV stereo sound, no matter where you sit, and who you are watching with. Happy customers in more than 65 countries enjoy our concept today. This is what a couple of our valued customers say about us:

“I forgot to thank you! The BHX headset + the TosBlue-X unit arrived for Xmas and my dad loves it!!! Brilliant!! Thank you.”

Nick Okeefe – Australia

“I wished all the other companies that sell tech products were as supportive as you. I’m 68, a little hard of hearing. 4 years ago I lost my hearing aids in a flood. $7,000.00 to replace. Found you, I can hear my TV. Great stuff.

Harry Philips, USA