BHX Bluetooth Stereo Hi-Fi Headphones

BHX Bluetooth Stereo Hi-Fi Headphones


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  • Great stereo sound!
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Best aptX used

Elegant wireless Bluetooth headphones for use with your computer, smartphone, iPad or the TosBlue audio converter. Can be used with any music player capable of transmitting Bluetooth audio. Easy to use, comfortable and a great sound quality.

The headset is charged via USB

Great Bluetooth stereo sound

One of our valued customers writes:

“I forgot to thank you! The BHX headset + the TosBlue-X unit arrived for Xmas and my dad loves it!!! Brilliant!! Thank you.

- Nick Okeefe, Australia

The BHX Hi-Fi Bluetooth headset is used in the our tvSoundCast concepts.


The headset is equipped with the newest and best aptX technology. This means super Hi-Fi stereo sound and no sound delay when used with our TosBlue units. When listening to TV sound with a headset, this is important, because you want the sound and lip movements to be in sync. More about why aptX is important here: 



Good Battery capacity

With normal sound level, you may listen up to 12 hours before recharging.


Easy to charge 

With the USB cable which is enclosed, you can charge your headset from your PC, TV or other devices with USB output plug. 



Enjoy music from your smartphone, tablet or PC

The BHX headset is great for listing to music, too. Wireless sound from your mobile phone or tablet.



Easy pairing

Adjust the sound level on the mobile phone/tablet or on the BHX headset.


NOTE: Where there are only one channel from sender to receiver, ( which is the case when using the headset with a mobile phone, tablet or PC ) you do not have to worrry about sound delay.

Many new tablets and smartphones are equipped with aptX technology. As this headset also is equipped with aptX, you will experience improved sound quality. 


Reddot design award

The reddot design price assures you of outstanding value. And you want good value for your money! Right?

  • Rich stereo sound

  • Bluetooth version 4.2 provides outstanding bass

  • Light weight and comfortable to wear

  • Easy to use

  • Reliable

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