“Right smack” in the middle of your own orchestra!

Enjoy your favourite TV show – without disturbing!

One of our customers says:

“I just hooked it up to my Samsung TV; beyond every expectation! Perfect lip sync, real great sound!”

Frank Bevers, Belgium

You like plenty of sound to go with your favorite TV show!

You like plenty of sound to go with your favorite TV show. We understand. The situation may look like this, but it may be that you entertain your neighbours as well – whether they like it or not!

Here is a better solution: You purchase a tvSoundCast from us!

The concept is made up of two units.

  1. A TosBlue transmitter that you install on your TV without any tools. The TosBlue unit has no buttons and is maintenence free. When you turn ON your TV the TosBlue unit will automatically be activated. No need for batteries. It couldn‘t simpler.
  2. A BHX bluetooth headset that goes on your head. Then you adjust the volume. That’s all!.

Please note that the BHX headset is specially designed for the TosBlue unit. Both units have the best aptX technology included. For you – this means no sound delay. Important when watching TV!

Here is the feedback from one of our happy customer:

“Awesome device and I can now watch movies again at home without disturbing my wife and kid. Thanks.”

Mikael Svenson, Norway

NOTE: You may also take advantage of our fast DHL/TNT shipping service for a few dollars extra. When you order today, you will receive your shipment as early as four days from today!

So, visit our webshop webshop today!

Furthermore, the headset has been awarded the reddot design price for its performance and comfort.


By the way, the units are only available from Telme2!

We have thousands of happy customers around the globe. Now that you know all the benefits from our solution, we look forward to receiving you order - today.

So, when you turn ON your TV, the TosBlue unit is automatically activated and transmits the TV sound to your headset in stereo. And since both units are equipped with the best aptX technology, you will not experience any sound delay. Sound and TV picture are in sync.


You may also choose to turn the internal TV speakers completly OFF. The sound is still transmitted to you via your comfortable Bluetooth hi-Fi headphones. The volume can be adjusted to your preferred level via the button on your headset.

And one more advantage: You will receive the sound in your headphones at Hi-Fi quality - and in stereo. A big difference from just loud volume!

Super sound for you – quiet for your surroundings. Your neigbours may also like it this way.

The transmitter and headset may also be purchased separately. Check it out on our Product Pages.