A sound workout with your body in mind

A sound workout with your body in mind

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Abdul Shaik, Malaysia

To keep in shape is important for body and mind. Too often we put it off....

Tomorrow I will ....

If you already have a treadmill, I suggest this …

Put a TV in front of your treadmill. Install a TosBlue unit on top of the TV, and put a comfortable Bluetooth headset on your head. The BHX headset from Telme2 is a good choice. Then turn off the internal TV speakers. This way you do not disturb your surroundings.

So, when you watch an interesting TV show while moving along on the same spot on the belt, you most likely will forget the effort you put into it. You may even enjoy it! And it’s good for you and your spirit.

We call it tvSoundCast

We call the concept tvSoundCast-X

The concept consists of two units:

  1. A TosBlue-X Bluetooth transmitter unit
  2. A BHX Fi-Fi bluetooth stereo headset

Installation is a “snap”:

The TosBlue-X unit is easy to install on the back of your TV. No tools required. All cables are included in the box. Once installed, you do not have to touch the unit again. There are no button to push – no battery to change.

You may take a look at the animation below

How to use:

The use could not be simpler…. When you turn ON the TV, the TosBlue unit is automatically turned ON and ready for transmission. Next you turn ON the headset, and the two units will automatically connect. You select your TV program ….. turn on your treadmill – and you are ready to go!

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