The right TV volume – hearing loss or not


the right TV volume – hearing impaired or not
The right volume for both generations - hearing loss or not

The situation:

For most of us, our hearing gets reduced with age. Let's say you are watching TV with your grandmother. You want to enjoy a show together. Your grandmother with reduced hearing turns the TV volume way up. Too loud for you. We are sure you know the situation.

One customer says:

“My wife complained, the TV sound was too loud. Now with my TosBlue unit connected to my BHX headset the sound is great, and my wife can adjust the TV sound to her preferred level. Thanks for great products.”

Tim Forrest, USA

The compromize:

You set the sound level a little bit too loud for you – and almost loud enough for your grandmother. Our proposed solution: You purchase a tvSoundCast Single headset from our webshopwebshop

We have thousands of happy customers around the globe. Order today so you also can enjoy super TV sound in a few days from now.

Note that the concept is only available from Telme2. tvSoundCast single is composed of 2 units: A TosBlue-X unit and a BHX Hi-Fi bluetooth headset.

Please note that the BHX headset is lightweight and pleasant to wear – and with great sound performance. It has earned a reddot award for product design.



A Tosblue unit which you easily install on the back of your TV. The installation is easy and done in a few minutes without any tools. • The unit contains no buttons – no battery to change – and is maintenance free.


  1. Your grandmother puts the BHX Bluetooth headset over her ears – and turns it ON.
  2. You turn ON the TV.
  3. The TosBlue unit automatically activates when the TV is turned ON. The two units pair.

It’s that simple!

Note also:


Both units are matched for best possible performance and using the best aptX technology for no sound delay. This feature is important when watching TV. On the headphones your grandmother can adjust the sound to her most suitable level. You may adjust the sound level on the internal TV speakers to a level pleasant to you. This way each of you will enjoy the show at the most comfortable sound level for both of you. No compromise. A perfect solution.

NOTE: You may also take advantage of our fast DHL/TNT shipping service for a few dollars extra. When you order today, you will receive your shipment as early as four days from today!