Super sound for both of you – in stereo!

Super sound for both of you – in stereo!

One customers says:

“My TV only has digital optical audio out connection, and this product works great with the Bluetooth headset. Thanks for creating these products!!”

Ted Vail, USA

Young - or not so young anymore - a good TV picture is not the same without super sound. I am sure you agree! To fully enjoy your TV show, you want the best possible sound to go with the picture. And the sound should be at the right level for each of you. For young or old! Hearing impaired or not.

tvSoundCast – A perfect sound solution – hearing impaired or not!

tvSoundCast – A perfect sound solution – hearing impaired or not

So, when you order a tvSoundCast-Y2 concept from Telme2, both of you will be be able to enjoy TV sound with amazing sound in rich stereo. With sound like this, you will feel young again!

The tvSoundCast concept

The concept is made up of three units:

  • 1 TosBlue unit which you install on your TV without any tools.
  • 2 x BHX bluetooth Fi-Fi stereo headphones.

Then you put your BHX headset on your head – adjust the volume. That’s all!.

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This is what another customer wrote:

“I forgot to thank you! The BHX headset + the TosBlue-X unit arrived for Xmas and my dad loves it!!! Brilliant!! Thank you.”

Nick Okeefe, Australia

The TosBlue Dual unit is designed to transmit stereo sound to both headsets at the same time.


The TosBlue-Y is easy to install. You attach it to the top back of your TV with a Velcro pad. See picture to the left. No tools are required for installation. You’re done in minutes. All cables are included in the box.

For details regarding installation, please watch the animation below.

How to use:

So, when installation is done, you do not touch the unit again. No button to push. Not battery to change. It’s maintence free! The TosBlue-Y unit is automatically activated when you turn ON your TV. The unit pairs automatically when you turn ON your headset.

The lightweigt award winning BHX headset is easy to use. You adjust the sound level with 2 buttons on the headset. This way both of you may adjust the volume to each of your preferred sound level. It’s that easy!