Your child’s TV privacy... and a quiet morning for you!

Your child’s TV privacy!

Your child comes out of bed early in the morning – weekdays or weekend alike. No difference. Children have their own favorite programs to enjoy, usually with the volume on full blast.
Early on a Sunday morning this may not suit the rest of the family too well. You want some peace and quiet time.

So, here is the solution: a super solution for your child – and comfortable for the rest of your family – especially on a Sunday morning!

You acquire a tvSoundCast bundle from Telme2

The concept consists of two units:

  1. A TosBlue-X Bluetooth transmitting unit
  2. A BHX Fi-Fi bluetooth stereo headset

Installation: The TosBlue-X unit is easy to install on the back of your TV. No tools required. All cables are included in the box. Once installed, you don‘t have to touch the unit again. There are no buttons to push – no battery to change.

When you turn ON your TV, the TosBlue-X unit is automatically activated and ready to be paired with the headset.

So all your child has to do is turn ON the headset. That’s all! It’s child’s play!