Enjoy your favourite TV show – without disturbing!

Enjoy your favourite TV show – without disturbing!

“One person's sound is another person's noise.” K.C. Cole

A valued customer says:

“I enjoy watching sports events on my TV. My family is not so entusiastic about it, and often find my watching rather disturbing. The tiny TosBlue unit and the headset did the trick! Now I enjoy my sport events without disturbing. Great solution – Thanks Telme2.”

Jasper Schrandt, Netherlands

The situation:

Let’s say you want to watch your favorite TV show. Your partner has visitors. You turn your TV ON. People around you may not be interested in your TV show, especially not the sound. They prefer to talk. So, you turn the volume down. The sad news is that without proper sound you are not able to fully enjoy you show.

The compromize:

The compromise is that you turn the volume down, and the people around you keep their voices down so as not to disturb your TV listening too much. The drawback for both parties is obvious – and you all know it.

What you need to do:

You acquire a tvSoundCast Single headset!

It is affordable. The concept consist of two units. A TosBlue bluetooth transmitter, which you easily intall on your TV – and the BHX Bluetooth stereo headset, which you wear on your head. That’s all. It’s that simple!

Th BHX headset is lightweight and pleasant to wear. For its excellent sound and simplicity the headset has received the reddot award for product design.


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Here is what one of our customers tell us

“Installed Tosblue and paired it with the BHX headset. Easy to set up and use. A fantastic simple five star solution. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Vale, UK

The installation:

TosBlue-X is easy to install. You attach the unit on the back to of your TV with a Velcro pad. No tools requried. Connect 2 cables between your TV and the TosBlue unit. (cables are included). That’s all! You may also watch the installation animation below.

The solution:

After the quick and easy installation, you turn your TV ON, and select your show. You may now turn the internal TV speakers OFF. The TosBlue-X unit will be activated when you turn ON your TV. This way you enjoy the super stereo sound at a level you enjoy. The sound volume can be adjusted on the headphones. You will not disturb people around you. Also, with headphones on your head your friends’ talk will hardly be noticed by you. Almost a complete sound separation!

Here is what one of our customers tell us

“Awesome device and I can now watch movies again at home without disturbing my wife and kid. Thanks.”

Mikael Svenson, Norway

Now you can fully enjoy your TV show. And your friends will enjoy their conversation without disturbing you.

We have happy customers around the globe. It’s your turn to reap the benefits of the the tvSoundCast.

The Tosblue transmitter and BHX headset can also be purchased separately. We also have a Dual version of the Tosblue – in case you would like to receive sound in two individual headsets. See our Product Pages for more