tvSoundCast Dual with 1 BHX bluetooth headset

tvSoundCast Dual with 1 BHX bluetooth headset


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This is the bundle you want for use with up to two headsets. It consists of the TosBlue Dual (Y) and 1 pair of BHX bluetooth headsets. 

Please see our tvSoundcast Single version if you require use with only one headset


The tvSoundCast is easy to install:

  1. attach the unit on the back to of your TV with a Velcro pad. No tools requried.
  2. Connect 2 cables between your TV and the TosBlue unit. (cables are included).

That’s all! You may also watch the installation animation below.


  1. Turn ON the BHX Bluetooth headset
  2. Turn the TV ON .
  3. The TosBlue unit automatically activates when the TV is turned ON and the two units pair.

It’s that simple! See the video below:

Data Sheet for Tosblue Dual (Y) Unit

Data sheet for BHX Bluetooth Stereo Headphones