Why is the Stereo Sound From Your TV Missing?

Your TV speakers sends out stereo sound .... so why can't you hear the stereo effect where you normally sit in front of your TV ? Because you can't!

Does it surprice you to read this? If so, you are not alone!

Even with a good Soundbar - with super sound - you are most likely missing out of the enjoying stereo effect.How come?

Remember, the good old days you had the big speakers lined up in the corners of your living room. Perhaps you still have them...

So why did you put them in the corner of the room? That's right ... so you could enjoy the stereo sound.

Let me explan ...

Let's say that the stereo spekers in Your new flat panel TV is 1 meter apart. You now put your listening head 1 meter apart from each of the two speakers. Your head and the two spekers make up the corners in a triangle with equal sides. This means that your listening head is about 0,86 meters in front of your TV.

At this distance - or closer - you can hear the great sound in stereo. But the question is: 

Would you watch TV this Close? Probably not.

As you move away from your TV screen to have the best view, the stereo effect fades away.. So when you are 3 - 4 meters away, the stereo sound is totally gone!

The reason: The angle to the the two speakers becomes too narrow, so your brain is no longer able to process the stereo effect.

So to maintan the stereo effect, Telme2's tvSoundCast is a good solution.

Test it out - and hear for yourself!

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Thanks for reading.

Erlend Brekke