tvSoundCast advantages over Soundbars

What is tvSoundCast?

Simply explaineed, it is a TosBlue unit transmitting the TV sound via Bluetooth to our BHX headset.

The TosBlue unit and the BHX headset is specally matched with the best aptX technology for

  • Super stero sound


  • No sound delay

We name this unique combination: tvSoundCast

Soundbars are used to improve TV sound. In modern flat panel TV's there are not much space for good speakers. So many of us add soundbars for added sound. They work well, especially the expensive ones. With a Soundbar you fill the entire room with sound. That's their purpose.

But remember this:

Sound for me can sometimes be noise for you!

So the options are:

  • Turn down the sound Level!


  • Leave the room ..... really?

But, do you realize that even if the Soundbar transmits the sound in stereo ......

  • you will not hear the stereo effect. 

The reason for this fact is explained in a separate blog post. (Published soon)

So what are the advantages of our tvSoundCast?

  • The TV sound is sent to you - only

  • You adjust the sound level to the most pleasant level for you

  • You receive Crystal Clear sound in stereo via the BHX headset

  • You do not disturb anybody else in the room

  • The tvSoundCast is affordable!

Please go to our SOLUTION section to discover the varous usages.