This Is How the TosBlue Unit Works

TosBlue units from Telme2 are Bluetooth transmitters converting optical SPDIF signals from your TV into wireless stereo Bluetooth signals sent to a Bluetooth receiver..... a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker.

TosBlue units are Bluetooth transmitters converting SPDIF signals from the TV  into wireless Bluetoth to be intercepted by a Bluetooth audio receiver and gives you superb stereo sound from your TV. Below is a brief description how the unit works with a good Bluetooth headset. It is easy ….. unique – inexpensive ….. and it works!



Look for the Toslink – SPDIF – output plug or the “line out” plug on the back of your TV.



Installation of a TosBlue unit is a “snap”. No tools or special skills required.



The TV sends its audio signals over an optical audio cable to the input of the unit. The TosBlue unit converts the optical signals into stereo wireless Bluetooth signals of high quality. TosBlue uses aptX technology for Hi-Fi sound transmission and low latency. Transmission range: 10 meters.



The stereo Bluetooth signals are transmitted to a Bluetooth receiver, for example a Bluetooth stereo headset. We strongly recommend you use a good Bluetooth stereo headset, like the wireless headphones from Telme2



There are also many other high quality headsets on the market. Make sure the headset uses the best aptx technology for the best sound syncroniazation. This is important.



The benefits are many.

Erlend BrekkeaptX