Virtual haircut .... a demo of virtual tvSoundCast

If sound may surprise you ... this demo will!

When you use tvSoundCast, you receive the sound in stereo from your TV. I invite you to a demonstration to find out how much better tour TV-sound can be....

You may have heard of "Virtual Haircut". It is a splendid demonstration of stereo sound from a Virtual Haircut Saloon.

Virtual Barber shop.jpg

A scissor is needed ... also for a virtual haircut!


Here is what you need to do:

First you play "Virtual Haircut" via our TV speakers. Copy the link below into your brouser and play the video.

Perhaps you think the sound is OK? It might be like the TV-sound you are used to?

Then put on a pair of headset. Bluetooth or wired - does not matter. 

Then play the video track again.

If you do this right .. the sound in the two experiments are like day and night. Is'n it?

Listening to your TV from the internal TV speaker is like the first sound experiment. Listening to the sound via headphones - in the second sound experiment - is like using our tvSoundCast with your TV.

The sound is amazing!

You may read more about our tvSoundCast concept on Our WEB pages and a separate Blog Post. 

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Enjoy the sound difference!

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