15 % Discount On Our tvSoundCast Concepts - Interested?

For a limited time, we at Telme2 offer you a 15 % discount on our tcSoundCast systems. Read more ... and find out how you can take advantage of this offer today!

That's right. For a limited time we offer 15 % discount on our tvSoundCast systems.

1. a TosBlue-Y unit with two BHX headsets

2. a TosBlue-Y unit with one BHX headset

3. a TosBlue-X unit with one BHX headset

Here is how the deal works:

Our products comprising the tvSoundCast systems has a unique technology incorporated. This technology prevent sound delay in transmission and ensures enhanced sound.

Please study our Blog Posts and WEB, and you will find the name of this technology.

A 4 letters word.

When you have found it - you send to me. After I receive your email with the correct answer, I will return a 15 % discount code to you per email. This code you will enter in the checkout process and you obtain a 15 % rebate on your order.

Remember also: Free shipping to your doorsteps! .

But do not wait too long. One day this offer ends!

Send the 4 letter word to:

erlend@telme2.com  today!

Thanks for your active participation.

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Per Magne Sviggum