tvSoundCast - wired sound quality - wirelessly

Is tvSoundCast something for you? 

Keep reading to find out!

Both ourroducts compriseing tvSoundCast have the best aptX technology Incorporated.

This means:

Wired sound quality - wirelessly!

We have labeled the combination of our innovative TosBlue unit + our BHX headset ...


.....a rich TV sound experience in stereo - just for you!

Our tvSoundCast is made available for you in 3 affordable Versions:

  1. TosBlue -X + BHX headset,  (USD 109,-, including free shipping to you)
  2. TosBlue -Y + BHX headset, (USD 129,-, including free shipping to you)
  3. Tosblue - Y + 2 x BHX headsets (USD 189, including free shipping to you)

Please visit our Product pages for more info about the products.

Please also vist Our WEB-shop - and order today.

Note that these products are only available from Telme2.

Why do I recommend these unique product combinations to you?

Here are the main reasons why:

  • Our products are sold in big numbers to customers in 65 countries - and still counting.
  • The overwhelming good feedback from our customers.
  • If you for any reason is not happy ..... sent it back for an emediate and full refund. 
  • We work diegently to Upgrade Our products for the best user experience. 
  • Our BHX headset is recently upgraded to Bluetooth v. 4.2. Resulting in richer sound and deeper bass.
  • Both the TosBlue units and our BHX headset have embedded the best aptX technology for improved sound quality. More about aptX here.


  • No sound delay .... for perfect sound and picture syncronization with your TV

Welcome to a true new TV sound experience!


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