13 Useful Trouble Shooting Tips you May try!

If you should encounter trouble while installing a TosBlue unit from Telme2, please read the suggestions below. You may find the solution to your trouble.

The best of luck to you!



Top of the TosBlue unit must be visible from the front

Make sure that the TosBlue unit is mounted so that top of the unit is visible from the front. This is to ensure best possible transmission quality.

No sharp bend on Optical cable

Sharp bends may reduce the sound quality, or or in worst case, cut the sound transmission all together.

USB power problem

  • If your TV has no USB outlet, you are recommended to use a separate USB power adapter.
  • If LED is not flashing when power is turned ON – the reason may be bad connection via the USB cable connector.

Try this:

  1. Insert and pull it out again the USB plug a few times in both ends to improve the electrical connection.
  2. Try another USB source, for example USB from your PC or a separate USB adapter.

Pairing procedure

The normal pairing procedure is as follows:

When you apply power to the TosBlues unit, the red and blue lights should be flashing rapidly. This indicates that the unit is in “Bluetooth search mode”, looking for a device to pair (interconnect) with. After 2 – 3 minutes, the light will be dimmed down, but the unit is still in the same mode. When paired, the blue light will slowly be fading in and out.

To enable pairing of the receiving Bluetooth device – a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker – you normally press the ON button a few seconds extra. (Please consult your User Guide of the device). The BT receiving unit will go into “Bluetooth search mode” as well, and the two units – sender and receiver – will pair.  The next time TosBlue-X or X2 is turned on, it will automatically look for the last used receiver, and you need only turn the power ON – and the two devices will interconnect automatically.

Please note that the pairing procedure for TosBlue-X and Tosblue-X2 (for 2 headsets) are slightly different. Please read the User Guide carefully.


If pairing with wireless speaker unit – make sure it is a Bluetooth unit and not a Wi-Fi unit!

Pairing Problems

Important NOTE:

  • Some newer TV’s are equipped with a Bluettoth sender. Try to turn it OFF or pair it with some Bluettoth receiver.
  • Make sure that there are no other active and not paired Bluetooth sender around you.

If you have problems shutting off the Bluetooth sender in your TV, you may follow the procedure suggested under NOTE VI.

Suggested sequence:

  • Set your Bluetooth receiver (headset) in pairing mode.
  • Thereafter turn ON your TV with the TosBlue unit. They should then pair. 

 NOTE l – Problems connecting the second headsets to TosBlue-X2 for the first time:

  • Set the first headset in pairing mode
  • Turn ON your TV with the TosBlue-X2 unit. The first headset should now pair
  • Turn OFF the first headset
  • Turn OFF your TV with the TosBlue-X2 unit
  • Set the second headset in Pairing mode
  • Turn ON your TV with the TosBlue-x2 unit. The second headset should now pair
  • Turn ON your first headset. It should now connect. Both headsets should now be connected.

NOTE ll    IF you cannot turn the Bkuetooth sender in your TV OFF – try this:

Power up the TosBlue unit from another USB source. For example try connecting the USB cable to your PC. Then pair with your BT receiver. After pairing, you can move the TosBlue unit back to your TV.

NOTE lll – Unlock software hangup_

If the pairing process is blocked, it may be caused by a “hang-up” in the software of the TosBlue unit: Try this to unlock the software:

  • Apply power to the TosBlue unit via the USB cable.
  • Wait until the unit is in “standby mode” indicated by the red and blue light flashing slowly.
  • Then insert the 3,5 mm plug (on the audio cable) quickly, wait a second, then pull it quickly out again.
  • Wait a second and repeat the sequence onece more.

You will now see the blue and red light flashing quickly – indicating the unit is reset and set in pairng mode again.

Finally, if you some other time uses a new Bluetooth receiver you may have to do this procedure over again!

NOTE lV - Unlock software hang-up in BHX headset

If the BHX can not pair – it may be caused by a “hang-up” in the headset software. Please try this:

Press and hold the Power ON button and the “ ” (Volume down ) button at the same time for about 8 seconds, and until you see the red and blue light flashing once.

NOTE V -  Password request

If requested for a password, please ingnore the request. TosBlue has built in default passwords like 0000, 1111 …… 8888.

If no sound – or distorted sound

If no sound is received after powered up and paired, the reason might be:

  1. If no caps were protecting the ends of the optical cable when installing, then blow gently at both ends of the  optical cable connectors to remove possible dust. Dust may reduce or block the transmission.
  2. Make sure the optical cable is well seated – connected – in both ends. Sometimes, this may be tricky. If so, try this:
    1. Turn the cable connector 180 degree.
    2. Turn the cable around, exchanging the ends.
  3. If no Toslink (DPDIF) signal from your TV is the problem. Try output from another TV.
  4. TosBlue units only accept PCM format of the optical output signal from your TV  (SPDIF Toslink signal). Not Dolby. If the signal is in Dolby format, then noise or a clicking sound will be heard.
    NOTE: On most TVs, you may select the output format. Please check your TV User Guide and swith to PCM.
  5. If your TV does not have a Toslink output port (SPDIF), then you may use the 3,5 mm “line input” to connect to the TosBlue unit (audio cable is included).

Finally, please study carefully the:

If none of these suggestions seems to work …. Please send us a mail,  and we will try our best to help.

Good luck and thanks for your cooperation.

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Erlend Brekke