How To Pair Bluetooth Devices - a Useful Outline!

A Bluetooth connection between sender and receiver is like an imaginary wire. It is a one-to-one connection.

Many Bluetooth connections can be active in the same room at the same time. The transmission range is about 10 meters in free air.

You may have several active Bluetooth devices simultaneously in the same room, in the same way as you have many imaginary wires from one unit to another in the same room.

Please note: This is a general guideline and most Bluetooth devices will work like outlined below. Unfortunately, there are exceptions!

What is “pairing seach mode”

Let us take an example: If you want to interconnect your mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset you activate Bluetooth on your phone. Then set your phone in “Pairing search mode”. In this mode your mobile phone will look for active Bluetooth devices inside the sphere of about 10 meters and list of available devices will be displayed on the screen. If more than one device is available – you may select which one to pair with.

Pairing for the first time

In order to interconnect a Bluetooth sender to a Bluetooth receiver for the first time – to pair the two devices – you have to set both the sender and the receiver in “pairing search mode”. Both will now look for an available unit to pair with. Most common procedure is that you press the ON/OFF button for a few seconds extra. (Please also consult the operation Guide for the devices for details as this procedure may vary from device to device). After a few seconds the sender and the receiver will be paired (interconnected), and information (sound) can be transmitted from the sender to the connected receiver.

Interconnect the next times

The next time(s) you want to interconnect the two devices – you simply have to turn power ON. The two devices remember each other – and they will automatically interconnect.

More Bluetooth devices in the same room

You may have several active Bluetooth devices in the same room. Once a connection between a Bluetooth sender and a Bluetooth receiver has been established, this connection will not be affected by other Bluetooth devices, and more Bluetooth devices may be activated.

How to connect several Bluetooth devices in the same room

  • First you have to determine which devices you want to interconnect.
  • If a sender and a receiver have been paired before – you just turn ON power of both devices. They will automatically interconnect.
  • If you want the sender to connect with a new receiver – you have to make sure the previous receiver paired with is turned OFF – or the Bluetooth is inactive – or outside communication reach (10 – 12 meters). Then you set both sender and receiver in “paring search mode”, and they will pair (interconnect).
  • If two senders are active in “pairing search mode”, the receiver will pair with the transmitter last used.
  • If you have not previously paired with any of the senders – it is random which one your will pair with.

Please note this exception: TosBlue-x2 can connect with two BT receivers (two BT headsets) at the same time. Please study the procedure how to connect both receivers to the TosBlue-X2 at the same time.

Erlend Brekke