Which Bluetooth Speakers Should I USE?

TosBlue units from Telme2 will work with any type of Bluetooth speakers. To ensure that sound and picture are in sync, the best aptX technology must be incorporated in the Bluetooth speakers.

First, you may use any Bluetooth speaker with our TosBlue units.

However, we do not recommend you to use any Bluetooth speaker. The reason is sound delay, also referred to as Lip Sync. You may read more about Lip synch in this Blog Post.

If you already have a Bluetooth speaker without aptX, then you may be able to handle the issue. Please read this Blog Post.

If you do not have a Bluetooth speaker, we recommend that you invest in one with aptX technology Incorporated.

More about aptX here in this Blog Post.

Our TosBlue units have the best aptX technology Incorporated. In order to work without any sound delay, the receiving unit must also have aptX included.

At this time, Telme2 cannot offer you a Bluetooth speakewr With aptX. There are many Bluetooth speakers With aptX on the market in various shapes and at various prices.

Take a look, you will many a good Bluetooth speaker with aptX here.

Happy selection.

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