What is Lip Sync - And Why Should I Care?

"Lip Sync" means syncronisation of sound and picture. Read more what you can do about it when sound and Picture are out of sync.

You may have watched a TV show where sound and the visual movement on your TV screen is out of sync. It is unpleasant.

You may read much more about Lip Sync here.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lip_sync  

When you listen to audio from the internal TV speakers, in most cases the picture and the sound is in sync. That's how it should be.

Now, if you try to stream audio from your TV to a headset or an  speaker, it is also important that the picture and sound is in sync. But here you have a double issue to worry about.

1) First, the sound from the internal spekers must be in sync with the moving Picture on the screen.

2) Then, the sound from Your internal TV speakers must be in sync with the sound in your headset, or the external Bluetooth speaker.

Now if you run an audio cable from your TV accross the floor to the speaker unit or your headset, then you should not worry about any delay... so the Lip Sync is be OK.

If you on the other hand are using a regular Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker, you may experience a Lip-Sync issue. This because because of conversion time in the Bluetooth sender and Bluetooth receiver. The delay may be several hundred millisecons. It is very unpleasant.

- The total delay must be less than 50 milliseconds for the sound to be in sync.

So what is the the solution?

There is a Bluetooth technologfy referred to as aptX. When  this technology is included in the Bluetooth sender and Bluetooth receiver, you should be in good shape. No notcicable delay.

More about aptX in this post.

If not you have 3 options which you may read about in this Blog Post.

Finally, if you a planning to purchase a tvSoundCast from Telme2, you can be assured that both our TosBlue units and our BHX headset are equipped with the best aptX technology.

This way, you do not have to worry about Lip Sync.

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Erlend Brekke