3 Ways to Reduce Time Lag In TV Sound!

When using a TosBlue unit from Telme2 with integrated aptX technology, you don't have to worry about "time lag" or "Lip Sync".

However, if aptX is missing in your Bluetooth receiver, you will most likely experience that sound and TV picture are out of sync.

When using a TosBlue-X or a TosBlue-Y unit and a good Bluetooth headset with integrated aptx technology. then no timing adjustments are then required. You are all set.

You install your TosBlue units in minutes – and you may enjoy your TV sound in stereo – in no time.


Matching units for excellent sound!

This post describes 3 ways to synchronize the TV sound …. the sound from the TV’s internal speaker with the sound via the Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker.

Everybody appreciates excellent TV sound

Everybody appreciates excellent TV sound

TosBlue X unit converts theoptical sound signals from your TV to stereo wireless Bluetooth signals of high quality.

If you receive the sound from your TV via a TosBlue unit to your BHX Bluetooth headset from Telme2, no syncronization of sound is needed. You will enjoy the great stereo sound from your TV – with a smile on your face. You may turn the sound on the TV speakers up and the sound from the TV speakers and the sound in your BHX headsets are in sync.

If you are using a headset without the best aptx technology, you may notice that the sound in your headset is somewhat delayed compared to the sound via th internal TV speakers.

You may handle this syncronization situation in 1 of 3 possible ways:

1. Turn the internal TV speakes OFF and listen to the sound via the headsets only.

This way you will have no sound syncronization problem.  You may notice however, that the picure and the sound is not perfectly syncronized. But the sound may be good, dependent on the quality if the headset you are using.

2. Adjust the timing of the optical output signal (SPDIF) from your TV.

Many TV’s has built in a feature were you may aduste the timing of the optical signal from your TV. This way you may adjust the timing to compensate for the signal delay via the  your headset without aptx. The adjustment range may be up to 300 – 500 ms.

As the method differs from one TV set to another, the exact procedure can not be presented here. Please consult your TV’s User Guide.

The general procedure goes like this:

  • Click on MENUE button on your TV’s Remote Control Unit.
  • Click SOUND.
  • Go to “SPDIF-delay”. Here you may find a sliding bar.
  • Draw the handle forth and back until the sound from the internal TV speakers are in sync with the sound via your headset.

3. Use a headset with shortest aptx technology as indicated above, then:

No adjustments are required.

Erlend Brekke