Where Should I Install My TosBlue Unit?

You may place the TosBlue unit anywhere on your TV as long as the top part of the unit is visable from where you sit when watching TV.

Many of our customers ask this question.

So here is the answer:

The antenna of the unit is located on top - close to the LED. For optimal transmission, the top part of the unit should be visible from where you sit in front of your TV.


The TosBlue unit may be mounted anywhere on Your TV. Just remember that the top of the unit should be visible from the front, where you sit.

This means that the unit may be mounted on the top - or on any side - of your TV. Furher, the mounting angle is not critical.

Mounting of the unit is easy with Velcro pads that comes with the unit. All cables are included. No tools required. No special skills are required. Yo do it in minutes.

A TosBlue-X unit may be purchased here


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Per Magne Sviggum