Your TV Is Already Prepared For tvSoundCast!

Your flat panel TV is most likely prepared for tvSoundCasat from Telme2. It's easy to find out!

Take a look at the back of your TV. Do you find the square shaped Optical Output Port?

If you have a modern flat panel TV, you are all set!

So, why should I be interested in a tvSoundCast? Well, take a look at the benefits listed below:

  • Rich stereo sound just for you.

  • If you are hard of hearing ... this may be the perfect solution for you.

  • You may adjust the sound to a pleasant level on your headset.

  • You may turn the sound from the internal TV speakers up or down - or completely OFF - and this way not disturb other persons in the room.

  • The sound level is the same if you sit close ... or some distance away - from your TV

  • Good quality - resonable priced.



The picture illustrate one of the benefits of tvSoundCast

So, what is a tvSoundCast?

tvSoundCast is made up of a TosBlue unit which you mount on your TV and a BHX headset. Read more about these products on our product pages. Both units are equipped with aptX technology for excellent sound and no sound delay. You may read more about aptX here.

AptX is important while wathing TV, as sound and picture is well in sync.


You may purchase a tvSoundCast here


How does it work?

The TosBlue unit is mounted on the back edge of your TV With a Velcro pad - no tools required. Your TV is equipped with a an Optical output plug for digital stereo sound out. This is referred to as a TOSLINK or SPDIF. Se Picture below:


The picture show the Optical output plug of Your TV.

Via an optical calble - enclosed With the TosBlue unit - the strereo sound signals enters the TosBlue unit, where the signals are converted to Bluetooth signals and transmitted to the BHX headset.

Why Optical Cable?

Regular signal cables are - if not well shielded - suseptible to electonic noise from the many cables running forth and back on back of the TV. With optical signals, no interference is picked up and the sound is clean.


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Erlend Brekke