Enjoy your TV entertainment even if your sleeping partner won’t

Perhaps you have a TV in your bedroom. A late show is on. You want to watch while relaxing.

Your parner is tired, and wants to sleep. As I see it - you have 3 options:

  • Go back to the living room and watch your program there
  • Turn On your TV and turn the sound way down
  • Forget about the program – and go to sleep

None of the 3 options are ideal for you – and you know it.

So, here is our suggestion: You aquire a tvSoundCast-X concept from us. It is made up of a TosBlue-X which you easily install on your TV and a lightweight BHX Bluetooth Hi-Fi headset you put on your head. So, when you turn ON your TV, you simply turn the internal TV speakas completely off with your remote control. All sound will now be sent to your headset. The sound is only for you. Your beadroom is quiet with great sound for you. And you do not disturb your partner.

And here is another advantage you will experience:

  • You will receive the sound in stereo.

A big difference! You will not only listen to the TV sound.. you will enjoy it!

A great solution for both of you. And the soulion is highly affordable. You will order the tvSoundCast in the our webshop webshop today!

NOTE: You may also take advantage of our fast DHL/TNT shipping service for a few dollars extra. When you order today, you will receive your shipment as early as four days from today!