tvSoundCast - summary of benefits

We have created the tvSoundCast consept because our focus is to provide you with extraordinary TV sound experiences ..... not just selling products.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Receiving the TV sound with the BHX headset, you will experience rich TV sound in stereo
  • You will not disturb persons around you while enjoying your favorite TV show.
  • You may adjust the sound Level on the headset.
  • The sound level transmitted via the TosBlue unit to the BHX headset is completely independent of the sound level from the internal TV speakers. This means you may adjust the sound level from the TV speakes up or down .... or turn the sound completely off without affecting the sound level in the BHX headset.
  • The tvSoundCast is affordable.
  • Free international shipping to Your doorsteps


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