Enjoy your TV show in your vacation camper

You may relate to this… Camping out is great is the sommer time. If you stay in a camper, the space could be better. To say it as it is: it is crouded! That’s how it is. You all share share limited space.

Beside having common interest of camping out … you all have different interests and your own routines. In a situation like this, we all have to adjust our routines to accomodate each other.. Some wants to do this….. and some that.

That’s how it is. That’s how we are.…

In limited shared space, we have no choice, we have to adjust to each other. It is take and give in order to have a good time together. Your camper may have a TV… Most often you will in most cases find a show you all can enjoy together.

But when there may be a late show .. of interest to only one of you. Not of interest for the rest of you. The others are interested in other activities …. and may not want to be disturbed by your TV sound.

Here is our proposed solution: You aquire a tvSoundCast from us. It is affordable. The concept is composed of 2 units:

  • A TosBlue Bluetooth transmitter unit with you easily mount on your TV
  • and BHX Hi-Fi Bluetooth headset

Operation: The tvSoundConcept is very easy to use: When you turn On your TV, the TosBlue-X unit becomes automatically active as it is powered directly from the TV. Next you Turn on the BHX headset and they autoatically pair(interconnect). It’s this easy.

Here is feedback from one of our customers:

Awesome device and I can now watch movies again at home without disturbing my wife and kid. Thanks.

Mikael Svenson - Norway

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