CHX headphones

Sounds good with deep bass performance!

Soft ear pads blocks out most of the background noise so you can enjoy your favorite sound even more.

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CHX Headphones

CHX Headphones Features

For your ears and eyes...


Comfortable to wear

Thanks to plush and soft ear pads, and light weight, the CHX headphones is comfortable to wear.


Compact & flexible design

Description here is missing...


Easy set up

You just insert the 3.5 mm sound cable into your headphones – and your smartphone, tablet or PC - at the other end. And you are ready to enjoy.


Two Sound cables included

The sound cable furnished with a button is specially made for use with iPhone an iPad. The button may also be used for stopping and resuming music play from other music devices. This cable with button may also be used for accepting phone calls when headphones are connected to a smartphone. NOTE: The headphones – nor the cable -is equipped with a mic. The mic in the smartphone must be used.