TosBlue Single (X) – bluetooth transmitter for one receiver

TosBlue Single (X) – bluetooth transmitter for one receiver


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Stream your TV audio to Bluetooth headphones.

  • TosBlue-X digital bluetooth 4.0 adapter for use with one pair of headphones.
  • Transmission range: 10–15 meters / 30–45 feet. 
  • Best aptX used

If you sit more than 2 meters away from your TV – the wonderful stereo sound is gone! To listen with one ear would be enough! But you have two! With two ears you can hear sound from different directions – in stereo, in other words.

The TosBlue Single unit is a specially designed stereo bluetooth transmitter. It is the main building block of our tvSoundCast Single concept.

The unit converts optical digital sound signals from your TV into stereo Bluetooth signals ( Toslink / SPDIF ). The signals are transmitted to any connected (paired) Bluetooth receiver, such as a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker.

NOTE! Our BHX Bluetooth HiFi Stereo headset is designed to work seamlessly with the TosBlue unit

Connecting wireless headphones to your television is easy. Our TosBlue-X adapter is easy to install and ready for operation when your TV is. Use your own Bluetooth headphones (with aptX) or buy our tvSoundCast bundle (TosBlue X adapter + BHX Bluetooth headphones).

Here is what one customer says:

“We are using your product to connect a Vizio sound bar to our LG smart TV. It has completely transformed our viewing experience. Sound from the LG was muddled; we often could not understand the dialog. With TosBlue X and the sound bar, we now have movie theater quality sound. Your product is excellent!

- Moseph Elkins, USA


No sound delay with aptX:

We have used the best aptX technology from CSR/Qualcomm: .

aptX ensures faster conversion of data by a hardware chip, rather than performing the conversion in software. The hardware conversion is much faster and ensures practically no sound delay in the conversion process. No delay is important when watching TV,  because you want the TV picture to be in sync with the sound from your Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.

Read more about aptX in our Blog post here. 

NOTE: To take advantage of aptX, both sender (TosBlue-X) and your Bluetooth receiver must be equipped with aptX, like our BHX headset.

ALSO NOTE:  If you have a nice Bluetooth receiver without aptX built in, it is possible to reduce – or in best case get rid of - the delay by a few tweaks. Please read more what you can do in the Blog post 

Steve McGugan

Steve McGugan

Exquisite design - practical and timeless

The TosBlue units were designed by the famous and award winning Scandinavian designer Steve McGugan. You may read more about Steve McGugan here. Steve McGugan. 
The TosBlue units were designed with simplicity in mind. It relates to more than the outer shape. Much more...

The following was strongly considered:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of installation
  • Aesthetics
  • Simplicity
  • Sound quality. Upgraded to Bluetooth version 4.0 

The result:

  • No battery to be charged or replaced
  • No buttons
  • Installation without use of tools
  • LED on top of unit to indicate status
  • Unit is ready when your TV is
  • Excellent sound



Unpacking the unit

You may take a closer look at the content of the box by watching this video.

TosBlue unit mounted on the back of TV set

TosBlue unit mounted on the back of TV set

Installing the unit:

The unit is easy to install. 

  • No special skills required. 
  • No tools required. 
  • All you need is included in the box.

In the box you will find 3 cables:

  • One USD cable for power
  • A 3,5 mm signal cables
  • An optical cable

NOTE: If you TV is equipped with an optical outlet, then you should use the optical cable. If not – use the 3,5 mm signal cable. 

Here is what you need to do:

  • Connect the selected signal cables to the unit
    Connect the USB cable to the unit
  • Find a proper place on the back of your TV
  • Peel off the protecting paper on the Velcro pad and attach the unit. 
  • NOTE: The unit must be placed so that the to part of the unit is visible from the front where you sit.
  • Connect the two cables to your TV.

That’s all. Installation is done!

You may also watch the animation below. A complete Installation Guide is found here


This is how the unit works

Mount your TosBlue unit on back of your TV with Velcro pads. The top portion of the unit should be visible from the front, where you sit.
No tools or special knowledge are required. All cables and Velcro pads are included.

The unit is powered from your TV via the USB cable. So, when you turn ON your TV, the TosBlue-X unit will be turned on as well. An optical cable transmits the audio signals from your TV to the TosBlue unit. The cables are hidden behind your TV. 

So, when your TV is turned ON, the unit becomes active and converts the optical sound signals from your TV into wireless Bluetooth signals. The Bluetooth signals are transmitted to a Bluetooth receiver, for example a BHX Bluetooth headset from Telme2.

You may now choose to turn OFF the internal TV speakers. The sound level may be adjusted on the headset independent of the sound level from the internal TV speakers.

With the internal TV speakers OFF, the sound is just for you. Nobody around you will be disturbed.

A new sound TV experience! You will enjoy it!


How to use:

The use of the unit could not be easier. When you turn ON your TV, the unit receives power from the TV via the USB cable. So, when the TV is ON – the TosBlue-X unit becomes ready. 

After you have paired the unit with the Bluetooth receiver for the first time – you just turn your Bluetooth receiver ON, and pairing is done - automatically.

The video below shows the procedure in detail. Please watch. A complete User Guide is found here

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