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If you are looking for the best way to stream high quality audio from your TV, then you have come to the right place!


At Telme2 we put continuous efforts into finding the best solutions for our customers. We will do so for you too. Today we have happy customers in more than 65 countries. Our products are only available from Telme2 via our WEB shop. We ship directly from our manufacturing site directly to you. No middlemen. This means increased value for you.

This way we offer affordable prices and in addition provide the best possible customer service to you.

The way we look at it: Our deliveries are not complete until you - our customer - is happy!

What we offer, in addition to trying to offer you our best possible service, is a few products. The products are designed and manufactured by Telme2.


tvSoundCast is the name of our product packages. It comes in three versions.

Each package have a Bluetooth transmitter - a TosBlue unit and Bluetooth receiver – a BHX headphones.


The tvSoundCast packages, or the individual products, may be ordered in our WEB shop.

About the products

The TosBlue units

The TosBlue units comes in two versions:

-  TosBlue X - for one Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth receiver)


- TosBlue Y – for one or two headsets (Bluetooth receivers)

Both have the best aptX technology integrated for improved sound performance and no sound delay. More about aptX here.

Both units are now upgraded to Bluetooth version: 4.0


The TosBlue units are designed by the famous danish industrial designer Steve McGugan.  

The unit is easy to install – no tools or specual skills required. All cabled included.


Please watch this installation animation to see how easy installation is:


Visit our Webshop to purchase the TosBlue X unit.

Visit our Webshop to purchase the TosBlu-Y unit.

The BHX Headphones

The BHX headphones is a lightweight and comfortable headset.


It has been rewarded the Reddot Award for its ease of use and overall performance.


In beginning of 2018 the headset has been upgraded to Bluetooth version 4.2 for even better sound performance – specially noticeable in the bass area.

Further, the headset is specially designed for the tvSoundCast application as it is contain the best aptX technology from CSR. This means no sound delay. This is important in a TV sound application.

The headset is easy to pair with the TosBlue units.

Please watch the animation here:

You may purchase the BHX headhpones here.

The tvSoundCast application most customers buy from us is this one. TosBlue-X with BHX headset. (only USD 109,- including free shipping. You may purchase from our Webshop here.

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