How to syncronize for perfect TV sound

TosBlue-X with a good headset, like the BHX from Telme2, is a great way to listen to your TV. The Bluetooth headset becomes a versatile wireless headphone for TV with hi-fi sound.

Both the TosBlue-x and the BHX headset have the best aptx technology embedded, which means prictically no sound delay – and you are all set. The illustration below shows a situation like this.

The challange arises when you use a Bluetooth headset – or Bluetooth speaker – with no aptx technology. This means there will be a delay in sound through the receiving Bluetooth device of several hundred milliseconds. This means that the sound from the internal TV speakers will arrive at your ears earlier than the sound via your headset or bluetooth speakers. If the difference is more than 50 milliseconsds – you will start noticing it.


Therefore, if you are using a  Bluetooth headset without aptx technology, some syncronisation may be required.

Here is what you can do about it:

If you have a BT receiver without aptx technology – and the sound delay is more than 50 milliseconds, this delay start to be noticable. Some actions should be taken.

Here are the recommendations:

1. Ajust timing of sound output port – the Toslink (SPIDIF) .

Most modern TV’s with digital optical (Toslink – SPDIF) output port are also furnished with a feature whereby the timing of the audio output may be adjusted forth and back. The procedure varies from one TV to another. However, here is a general guideline:

On the remote controller, you click on the “MENU” button. Then click “SOUND”. Then go to “SPDIF- DELAY”. You may now find a sliding bar. Draw the handle forth and back until the sound from the internal TV speakers and the sound via the TosBlue to your Bluetooth headset path – are synchronized.

You may also consult your TV User Guide or talk to your local TV shop for details.

2. Use only one sound path

Turn the internal TVspeakers completely OFF and only use the Bluetooth headset. The sound will now be crear and crisp. However, you may notice that the TV picture and the sound is somewhat out of sync.

3. Invest is a Bluetooth receiver with best aptx technology

There are Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets on the market with the best aptx technology embedded. Then you do not have to worry about this issue at all. You are all set. One such alternative is BH-X from Telme2.

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