For 30 % of us, hearing loss starts at age 40!


Do you use this word often?

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The headslines claim is according to National Institute on Deafness and ........... (NIDCD).  

The chart below is from to National Health Interview Survey.

Hearing loss starts at age ....png

This may be bad News for many of us.

However, we have some Good News for you!

.... so keep reading

From the graph above you will notice that hearing loss starts early for many of us. Slowly and gradually. People around us generally notice it before we do.

Here are some of the indications of your possibe hearing impairmet.

  • You ask for repetitions more often.
  • Pretend that you hear and understand - when you don't.
  • Having difficulties following conversations of more than two people involved.
  • Having to concentrate when other people speak to you.
  • Having difficulties hearing in noisy environments, like cowded meeting rooms, restaurants, noisy work places, etc.
  • Must have TV sound turned up to a higher volume.

The last point may not be so bad if you are alone in your room. If you have other persons present, however, they may not enjoy the loud sound as much as you do!

So what is the solution?

tvSoundCast is designed to overcome this type of situation. Take a look at the 2 illustrations below.


Illustration show tvSoundCast in use with 2 headsets.

This way, both persons may enjoy the TV sound in stereo at their preferred Level.


tvSoundCast is designed to give super sound from your TV without disturbing others.



With the tvSoundCast you may enjoy Your TV show undistrurbed - without disturbing persons around you.

Great for everybody!


Get a tvSoundCast from Telme2. You may adjust the sound as much as you want - up or down - on your headset. The sound from the headset will not disturb others in the room.

tvSoundCast is resonable priced and will give you rich TV sound at your preferable level.

And more ... the sound is in stereo so you can really enjoy!

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